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Jim Pemberton continued

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When Bad Things Happen To Good Cushions
Jim Pemberton
I received a series of emails and calls this week from two different fine fabric specialists about gross contamination of cushions on upholstery. Specifically vomit and urine. In each case, a guest in the home was the source of the "contamination". The major difference in each was not the contaminant, but the type of fiber in the fabric, the value of the furnishing to the customer, and the risk the cleaners were taking. . . . keep reading

Upholstery Spot Removal Warnings
Jim Pemberton
Holiday gatherings always increase the likelihood of spills in the home. At these times its vitally important to remember that fine fabric upholstery cannot be treated like carpet or clothing, and that more damage is caused by attempts to remove spots than the spots themselves. Here are a few tips to share with your customers (and to remember yourself!) . . . keep reading

3 Tips Every Fine Fabric Restoration Specialist Must Know
Jim Pemberton
The training and experience needed to be a Fine Fabric Restoration Specialist exceeds the scope of what can be covered briefly here. However, to at least understand what you need to know, always remember these three things. . . . keep reading

Opportunities for Fine Fabric Restoration Specialists
Jim Pemberton
The restoration of soft content items after smoke damage is an art that is not well understood by most fire damage restoration contractors today. Years back, when the restoration industry was served mostly by cleaning companies that grew into the restoration business, the cleaning and restoration of soft content items, specifically upholstered fabrics, was often done successfully. . . . keep reading

It's Not Your Problem!
Jim Pemberton
STOP RIGHT NOW! Graveyards are full of heroes! Before you let your emotions lead you down some very dangerous paths, think about what you are about to do. Most of the problems listed require strong chemicals, aggressive mechanical action, and somewhat risky procedures that could cause even more damage than the original problem. . . . keep reading

Upholstery Pet Odor Removal Challenges
Jim Pemberton
The challenge to the upholstery cleaner is that most carpet deodorization processes require a great deal of water to remove the source of the odor and to deliver the deodorizing treatment to the contaminated area. To prevent these problems in treating upholstery fabrics... . . . keep reading

Upholstery Pet Odor Removal Challenges
Jim Pemberton
The challenge to the upholstery cleaner is that most carpet deodorization processes require a great deal of water to remove the source of the odor and to deliver the deodorizing treatment to the contaminated area. To prevent these problems in treating upholstery fabrics... . . . keep reading

Spot Cleaning Silk Fabric Wall Covering
Jim Pemberton
As a Fine Fabric Specialist, you will find opportunities to clean or spot clean fabric covered walls in both homes and commercial establishments. In many cases, the fiber commonly used in such fabrics is silk, and such wall coverings can be found anywhere from homes to professional offices to resorts. . . . keep reading

Keeping Ink Stains In Their Place!
Jim Pemberton
Removing ink from upholstery fabrics can be a troublesome and somewhat risky procedure. Here are a few tips that should make the job easier, and less risky. . . . keep reading

Urine Removal Techniques For Upholstery
Jim Pemberton
Urine starts as an acid, and then rapidly changes into an alkaline compound. The process of decomposition that creates this pH change also produces the characteristic "ammonia" smell often associated with urine contamination. . . . keep reading

Remarkable Class at Pembertons
Jim Pemberton
We had the opportunity to have a leading expert on water damage restoration, Chuck Dewald, speak to our customers on May 29th. I had heard that he was an outspoken, somewhat controversial character, and that in some cases suppliers and other industry leaders found his comments and approach to be negative. We did not find any of those concerns to be valid! . . . keep reading

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! GROOM Handi-Brush is the Only Upholstery Brush You Need!
Jim Pemberton
Upholstery fabrics have undergone dramatic changes in fiber, texture, and weave in the last few years. Microfiber has become one of the main fabrics of choice. You can hardly find Haitian cotton anymore. Velvets are rare, too. The Handi-Brush from Groom Industries now becomes the perfect upholstery grooming and agitation brush for almost every application. . . . keep reading

Jim Pemberton
WRAP UP OF WINTERFEST 2008We wrapped up Winterfest 2008 last Saturday, and nearly a week later we are still getting calls thanking us for our efforts, but more importantly, asking important questions about the material that was presented and the products that were exhibited and demonstrated. . . . keep reading

Restore Rug Fringes Without Bleaching, an Update
Jim Pemberton
Restore Rug Fringes Without Bleaching, an UpdateCotton fringes on oriental rugs often are challenging to clean, and sometimes need treated for cellulosic browning and staining from migrated dye after cleaning. A safe and effective alternative is the use of reducing agents. . . . keep reading

Jim Pemberton
I recently read a post on the Cleanfax Bulletin Board where a respected cleaner shared his frustration with the seemingly endless list of traffic lane preconditioning agents and detergents offered for carpet cleaning. His concerns made me take a hard look at what products are made available for upholstery cleaning. . . . keep reading

Jim Pemberton
A UNIQUE LITTLE TOOL THAT EVERY UPHOLSTERY CLEANER NEEDSI have been talking to a cleaner who I know from Washington State, and he sent me a new tool for my evaluation that every upholstery cleaner should own. Below are some enlightening pictures of me demonstrating it to you. . . . keep reading

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