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The Truth About "Color Safe Bleach" and Resulting Outstanding Cleaning Results!
Jim Pemberton

Beneath all of the hype and hyperbole surrounding the promotion to consumers of a popular "Color Safe Bleach" there lies much truth! High Quality Non Chlorine Oxidizing Bleaches are great Stain Busters, as well as Cleaning Boosters!



The "Oxy-Xtra" formulation contains color safe, non chlorine bleach to boost your carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions cleaning power, as well as to remove most stubborn tannin and protein stains without specialty stain removers or laborious procedures.

When Oxy Xtra is added to preconditioning and cleaning solutions, most spots and stains (as well as heavy soiling) simply disappear during the extraction step. In severe stain situations, Oxy Xtra may be used by itself as a specialty stain removal treatment.

Examples of Problems Solved when using Oxy Xtra:

  • PROTEIN STAINS: Persistent stains from food, blood, eggs, vomit, feces and urine are removed quicker and more efficiently with the use of Oxy Xtra.
  • TANNIN STAINS: Coffee, tea, wine, and berries usually require the application of specialty tannin spotters. When Oxy Xtra is added to All Clean Xtra, Deep Clean Xtra, or Power Clean Xtra, most of the stains vanish during cleaning.
  • DISCOLORED TRAFFIC AREAS: Commercial carpet made from olefin fiber often develops a brown discoloration in traffic areas from tracked in oily residues. This stain can be greatly reduced, if not removed, when Oxy Xtra is incorporated into preconditioning and/or extraction solutions. NOTE: Do NOT add Oxy Xtra to All Fiber Xtra solutions, or to other acid rinse solutions.
  • SMOKE STAINS: Smoke damaged carpet and upholstery often develop stubborn gray, yellow, or brown stains that may be removed by use of Oxy Xtra.
  • NICOTINE STAINS: Adding Oxy Xtra to wall, carpet, and upholstery cleaning solutions will remove both nicotine stains and the sour smoke odor from surfaces.
  • WATER STAINS: Most stubborn water stains will be removed from upholstery fabrics by adding Oxy Xtra to All Clean Xtra during the preconditioning step.

CAUTION: Use with extreme caution, and only after thorough testing, before applying any solution of Oxy Xtra to natural fiber fabrics.

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