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Dhurrie Rugs - Extreme Cleaning

Scott Warrington

  Dhurrie Rugs - Extreme Cleaning


The most important thing is to identify a Dhurrie rug. This extreme cleaning should not be done on other wool rugs. A Dhurrie rug is a flat woven rug made in India. The majority of the rug is a natural-colored wool with a simple pattern made by weaving in other colors. They became popular in the early 1980's and became increasingly affordable as time went on. Today, a 9 x 12 Dhurrie rug can sell for as little as $300. The Dhurrie rug is also reversible. Due to the affordable price, owners put them in kitchens and family rooms where they became very dirty. Usually, a typical cleaning improves the rug very little. All these things being true; inexpensive, light colors, and heavy soil make an extreme cleaning method appropriate.


  • STEP 1 ---
        Identify rug properly and suggest extreme cleaning method to client along with the potential risk. Customers generally will choose a high level of cleaning over longevity of the rug. Test for bleeding. If rug bleeds, then do not proceed with this process. Switch to a safer method.

  • STEP 2 ---
        Vacuum thoroughly. Pre-treat fringes.

  • STEP 3 ---
        Add 1 oz. of Boost All to gallon of hot water in your sprayer, mix, then add 6 oz. of Traffic Slam. Apply pre-spray and allow to dwell 10 to 15 minutes. Brush agitation is optional, but can improve results.

  • STEP 4 ---
        Extract fringes and rug with Fab-Set (4 oz. per gallon).

  • STEP 5 ---
        Dry quickly with Air Movers.



  1.  Identify fiber and inform customer.
  2.  Vacuum and pre-treat fringes.
  3.  Apply prespray of Boost All and Traffic Slam.
  4.  Extract with Fab-Set.
  5.  Dry quickly with air movers.

Products Needed               
  · Traffic Slam
  · Boost All
  · Fab-Set
  · Pump or Electric Sprayer
  · Poly Shampoo Brush
  · Wand Brush Attachment
  · Air Mover
  · Portable/Truckmount Extractor






Chemicals Needed              
  • Traffic Slam
      Type: Traffic Lane Cleaner
      Highlights: Powerful prespray that will quickly dissolve the most difficult soils.
  • Boost All
      Type: Oxygen Bleach
      Highlights: Increases soil suspension. Dissolves oils.
  • Citrus Solv
      Type: Spotter/Degreaser
      Highlights: Easily cuts through gum, grease, tar, cosmetics and more.

Accessories Needed            

  • Grandi Brush
      Description: Grooming Tool
      Purpose: This tool can be used for agitation
    of soiled traffic lanes and for the final grooming of carpets and rugs.
  • Air Mover
      Description: High volume air mover
      Purpose: Dries carpet and upholstery quickly.

Equipment Needed               

  • Olympus Portable
      Description: Portable Extractor
      Purpose: Portable unit that extracts water and chemical from carpet and upholstery.


Talk to customer about using one side of the Dhurrie for daily use and saving the other side for guests. Also, you may suggest that the customer move the rug to an area where it will receive less traffic, like a bedroom.

* CAUTION                 
The extreme cleaning method may not make the rug look new again. It will do a better job than the typical wool cleaning formulas. Remember, use this formula only on heavily soiled Dhurrie rugs!

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