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This website is dedicated to assisting 1-10 Employee Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service Businesses to be more productive and profitable while providing the highest level of customer service.

You will find the latest in information, services, and training as well as thoughts and opinions from Lee & Jim Pemberton about trends and topics of interest to the cleaning and restoration business community.


"Do Carpets & Upholstery Ever Need Protected Again?"                 (Or, is it even really necessary?)
JIm Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
Before an answer to those questions can be discussed, first it's helpful to review "where we are" when it comes to what is happening with protector, and how cleaners and consumers see its benefits: . . . keep reading
Long-Lasting Business Relationships Are Valuable!
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
Building long-lasting relationships takes time in business and in your personal life. Both have many of the same characteristics for success. Be yourself, be honest, listen, and be helpful. But, don't over share or act in an unprofessional manner. If you want your business relationships to be rewarding, your community business associates have to like & trust you! . . . keep reading
The Dirty Truth About Encapsulation Cleaning!
by Jim Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
Even though the carpet looks clean after the encapsulation product is applied, where did the dirt really go? The answer is simple, although most are not altogether comfortable with the answer:
Yes, The Dirt Is Still There! . . .
keep reading
    Why You Must Teach Your Staff To Prepare "Identification & Value Proposition" statements!
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
The purpose of an "Identification & Value Proposition" statement! to prospects & customers is to clearly and quickly answer the questions "Who are you?", and "What are you going to do?" in 20-30 seconds or so. . . . keep reading
CLEANTIP Vol 15-Issue #44-2015
Pembertons Learning Center
1. The Dirty Truth About Encapsulation Cleaning!
2. Why are "ID & VP" Statements so Critical? . . .
keep reading
Acid Rinses: Friend or Foe?
JIm Pemberton the Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
The term "acid" rarely evokes positive responses in people! When someone thinks of acid, they think of a smoking bottle of liquid that dissolves any substance it spills on, or burns someone horribly. . . . keep reading
Speak! . . . And Grow Your Business
by Lee Pemberton - Frugal Educational Marketer
Speak! . . . And Grow Your Business If your business recognition building activity has been limited to a website and a small group of friends, relatives and local personal contacts, you're not taking advantage of the excellent offline customer and client attracting impact that speaking can generate. . . . keep reading
Why Your Business Must Use Video!      [For Training plus Marketing]     [+ Have an Active Web Site]
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
Your prospects use 'Local Search' [Google] to find what they want to purchase and where they want to purchase it. - To maximize sales, our businesses need a website that shows up in the search engine local search results. > > > >
And . . . Video Attracts The Search Engines! . . .
keep reading
8 Reasons Why Business Relationships Are Critical!
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
Relationships with vendors, contractors, employees, community leaders and other businesses, as well as your customers and prospects are all a vital part of doing business. In fact, some (including myself), will argue that relationships are the single most important assets in building your business! . . . keep reading
3 Actions Stop Good Tech's From Doing Bad Things!
by Jim Pemberton - the Fine FabriCare Guy
I received a call recently that reinforced the importance of owners or managers of cleaning services to be more aware of what their technicians are doing, and the need of even the best technician to be supervised a bit more closely: . . . keep reading
Three Hard Floor Care Profit Killers!
Jim Pemberton - Pembertons Learning Center
Do not stray into the care of other flooring surfaces with which you are not familiar until you have been thoroughly trained on the subject. Be sure to do some of these jobs with experts in the field so that you can become aware of the above pitfalls and the high labor costs often involved with this service. . . . keep reading
I Know So Much About Cleaning, How Come I'm Broke?
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
Most small businesses actually know what to do to make progress!
The actions required are simple, BUT they are never easy! And, even though most of us know what to do, for one reason or another, we just don't do it! . . .
keep reading
Turn Knowledge Into Know-How
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
Today, we have more people than ever before knowing "what to do" in the cleaning industry, but not being able to figure out how to do it properly within their given set of circumstances! . . . keep reading

SX-7 Special Multi-Purpose Tile/Grout Tool
Lee Pemberton
The new design for the Gekko SX7 head hardsurface cleaning tool expands on the versatility of the original by combining two tools into one. Instead of needing a tool for cleaning countertops and showers, and then another for cleaning hardsurface floors, this Gekko SX-7 head combines both a handheld and an upright tool into one for your Gekko wand. The SX-7 s teardrop shape and front jet allows it to clean closer to walls and corners than any other tool on the market. The Gekko SX7 is aggressive with even cleaning, especially in small tight areas such as; bathrooms, closets, showers and more! . . . keep reading
A Basic, Valuable 'Business Wisdom' Formula
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
Every so often these days one of our younger customers or a new CleanTip reader asks "How do you figure all this stuff out?"
This answer isn't earth shaking, and I really wish I had realized these basics years ago, but as I see it - this is how it works: . . .
keep reading
Are You As Good As Your Customers Deserve You To Be?
by Jim Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
One issue that I've observed when it comes to employees or owner/operators attending certification training is that so much time is spent on repeating the "test information" that little is done to bring the latest, most up to date products and procedures to the students attention.

Veteran cleaners tend to filter out anything they hear in a "lecture or video demonstration" scenario if it conflicts with what they already "know" (or think they know). Hands on training, on the other hand, . . .
keep reading
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