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This website is dedicated to assisting 1-10 Employee Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service Businesses to be more productive and profitable while providing the highest level of customer service.

You will find the latest in information, services, and training as well as thoughts and opinions from Lee & Jim Pemberton about trends and topics of interest to the cleaning and restoration business community.


Adhesives On Carpet Are a Sticky Subject!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
One such example is the use of "duct tape" to hold walk off mats in place, or to prevent trip hazards from power cords. This practice solves a short-term problem, but the nature of many of these adhesives is such that there remains a sticky residue that rapidly attracts soil, and may be extremely difficult for you to remove! . . . keep reading
Educational eMail-Postcard Newsletters Simple But Effective!
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
eMail-Postcard newsletters have many advantages over traditional newsletters. Absolutely one of the best uses of eMail-postcard newsletters is as a marketing tool for a small cleaning business. . . . keep reading
Are You Damaging Fabrics You are Trying to Save?
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
. . . . this is an appalling problem that continues to
afflict our industry because of a poor understanding of the very
basics of properly cleaning natural fibers by many of today's
cleaning technicians, as well as the tendency for consumers to
allow their furniture to become excessively soiled before calling
a cleaning professional to care for them! . . .
keep reading
Build Relationships by Emailing Your Customers!
Lee Pemberton - Frugal Educational Mktg
Unfortunately not many cleaning professionals actually send out regular
emails to their customer list. In this article we will review
the importance of email marketing and why you should consider
mailing more regularly. . . .
keep reading
What Your Customer Doesn't Tell You can Cost You Big Time!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
The question is: Whose fault is it?
The Cleaner? The Dog? Or The Customer?
This color loss is obviously upsetting to the customer, whose
carpet is only weeks old, and since the original vomit stain was
dark, not light, the cleaner is being blamed for bleaching the
carpet with his cleaning agents. The cleaner felt that the
chemistry present in dog vomit caused the color loss. . . .
keep reading
First Impressions, Trust and Your Company!
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Marketer
No matter how solid your services may be, the first impression
your business makes on potential customers or clients is largely
what influences them to eventually buy from you. From the very beginning, you need to make an impression that builds credibility and trust, and continue developing this impression through your relationship with the client or customer. . . .
keep reading
5 Mistakes that Can Kill a Business Relationship Before It Begins!
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
There are things you can say or do that will kill your first
impression no matter how solid it is. Here are 5 deadly first
impression killers that you need to avoid . . . . . . .
keep reading
BEWARE! "Wool Safe" is not "Operator Safe!"
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
What technicians tend to overlook is that "Wool Safe" products are not necessarily "Jute/Cotton Safe"!
These two cellulose fibers may be present in the backing yarns of the carpet, and if exposed to even mild detergents and water for too long of a period of time could brown out.
If this browning wicks into wool face yarns, it can be incredibly difficult to remove. . . .
keep reading
eMail Marketing Basics For Cleaning Professionals
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
Before jumping into recommendations to start your successful email marketing project, let's discuss why you, as a cleaning professional should be doing email marketing in the first place (just in case you're on the fence). . . . keep reading

Bad Residue vs Good Residue in Carpets!
by Jim Pemberton - Pembertons Learning Center
The word "residue", when used in our cleaning industry, is almost always seen in a negative light. Residues can result in resoiling, wicking, browning, odors, harsh textures, skin irritations, & allergic reactions as well as many more headaches for both the cleaner and the consumer. . . . keep reading
Spike In Complaints Regarding Carpets Resoiling!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
A large number of carpet owners, residential as well as commercial & institutional have cut back on their maintenance of carpeted flooring in order to cut expenses.
Unfortunately, at the same time the level of usage dropped very little, allowing the level of soiling to increase exponentially! . . .
keep reading
BEWARE of 'Nanny Cams'!
by Lee Pemberton - Editor
As an active 'Landlord' with a few rental properties, I belong to a Landlord Association which I monitor regularly. I thought you might find this thread very interesting! . . . keep reading
OSHA Issues New Guidelines for Ebola Decontamination
CM e-News Daily / October 23, 2014
The continuing spike in community-acquired infections such as Ebola, Enterovirus D68, colds, and the flu, means that some of your customers, including building executives and occupants are looking to you to offer solutions to protect them from a growing list of public outbreaks. . . . keep reading
Another Challenge With Microfibers! . . . Color Loss!
Jim Pemberton - the Fine FabriCare Guy
While many cleaners have found that most well made microfiber fabrics made from polyester fibers are nearly "bullet proof", I've also reviewed how laminated microfiber fabrics have been known to be solvent sensitive, as well as delaminate after cleaning. Just recently yet another challenge with microfibers came to my attention, and this time with a very surprising issue: Color Loss! . . . keep reading
    HOW WET CAN YOU GET? Properly Cleaned Upholstery Fabrics     Should Be Dry In About An Hour!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
Most serious upholstery cleaning problems (browning, bleeding, and shrinkage) are caused, completely or in part, by over-wetting of fabrics. Upholstery cleaners who avoid over-wetting during cleaning and make certain that fabrics dry quickly afterward have few, damage claims! . . . keep reading
Increase Your Income with Your Business Blog
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
While a business blog is a great tool for building relationships with customers, it turns out that it is also a great tool to help you to increase your business profitability, both directly through the blog and in more indirect ways. Here are several ways you can do that. . . . keep reading
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