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This website is dedicated to assisting 1-10 Employee Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service Businesses to be more productive and profitable while providing the highest level of customer service.

You will find the latest in information, services, and training as well as thoughts and opinions from Lee & Jim Pemberton about trends and topics of interest to the cleaning and restoration business community.


How To Stop Fabric Color Loss Claims!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
The cleaner was contacted to remove a small coffee spill from a dark gray fabric. The spotting agent was applied carefully with "q-tip" swabs and blotted with water afterward. Unfortunately, the color of the fabric came out with the coffee stain, and everywhere the spotter was applied there is now a white spot.
What began as a simple service call deteriorated into an expensive claim for this well meaning cleaning professional! . . .
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How to Create the 'Blog Voice' for Your Business
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
Your blog shouldn't be all about your business and it must never sound like an advertisement. Writing about your own company is too limiting, and really, who cares but you? But writing about any of the ongoing problems that concern your customer opens up many possibilities. . . . keep reading
Be Wary Of Spot And Stain Removal Issues           With Upholstery Fabrics
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
One of the most common reasons that a consumer will call a fine fabric specialist for upholstery cleaning services is because of the presence of a spot. The call might come in for "cleaning", but the reason that the customer is compelled to make the call is often an unsightly spot, or spots. . . . keep reading
Blogging as a Business Communication Tool
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
A small business blog is really an excellent way to communicate directly with customers. It gives you a chance to interact with them, which is priceless for building relationships that will last for years. Check this blog as an excellent example of such relationship building . . . . . keep reading
Secret Ingredient For Red Stain Removal From Carpets!
by Jim Pemberton
Part of the reason removing dye stains seems to be "too much trouble" is that the traditional process for removing such stains requires the use of a damp towel and a hot iron to safely create enough heat to activate the reducing agent in the red dye remover and successfully remove the stain. . . . keep reading
Business Blog Ideas to Engage Customers
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
A good blog engages its readers. It encourages them to get actively involved. Unlike regular websites, a blog is a dialog. It's a means of communicating for both you and your customers. When you fully engage them, this boosts loyalty and keeps them coming back for more. Following are some simple ideas to get the interaction going. . . . keep reading
When Does Black + White = Red? During Upholstery Cleaning!
Jim Pemberton - the Fine FabriCare Guy
An upholstery cleaning technician recently commented regarding a white cushion that had developed a red stain on one side after drying. During some subsequent discussion, the cleaner revealed that the cushion was placed back onto the platform after cleaning while still damp! . . . keep reading
Where to Start with Your Business Blog
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
(exerpt from e-Book 'Effective Blogging For Cleaning Pro's!)
A personalized business blog is a great way to create awareness of your business, and an ideal way to communicate with your customers. It also attracts new potential customers to your company's website. . . .
keep reading
Red Discoloration Problem Solved?
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
Over the past few years I have written and spoken about
a new problem facing upholstery cleaning professionals:
Fabric That Turns Red After Cleaning! . . .
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Why You Really Need a Business Blog!
Lee Pemberton - Frugal Educational Mktg
Reason #1 - You Will Develop More Valuable, Personal Connections
It is critical to your success as a cleaning professional that you
relate to your customers and prospects on a very personal level.
You want to do everything in your power to answer your customers concerns by seeing the world from their point of view, not your own. . . .
keep reading
Any Good Reasons NOT to Have a Business Blog?
by Lee Pemberton
For most really small businesses like our those in our
industry, it's a given that you should have a business blog.
However, that said, there are a few cases where it may not
be a good idea. . . .
keep reading
Turn Your Service Into a Brand
by Lee Pemberton - Frugal Educational Marketer
The process is simple - Give every customer based process you engage in a name. . . . keep reading
Lee Pemberton Frugal Educational Mktr
DO YOU STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITORS? Can your prospects tell the difference between your company and its closest competitors? Being different is at the heart of your long-term marketing success. . . . keep reading
What Truckmount Customers Need to Know:
Interview with Mike Roden - Sapphire Scientific
What's the one question cleaners don't ask, but
should, when they're shopping for a new truckmount?
Customers often overlook fuel consumption and put too much
emphasis on CFM. This leads many buyers to purchase more machine
than they need. The question should be . . .
. . .
keep reading
Safely Clean Upholstered Furniture Using Your Truck Mount!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
The most important considerations in using truck mount equipment
to safely clean upholstered furniture are as follows:
#1 - The Upholstery Cleaning Tool:
#2 - Cleaning Agents:
#3 - Delicate Textures:
#4 - Over wetting:
(Check out my Free E-Book loaded with tips you can use!)
. . .
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Grout Sealing: The Second Profitable Service (That Used to be Hard to Do!)
by Jim Pemberton
Much like was commented upon in my first article of this series,
the reason grout sealing services are not more widely offered is
that they have been time consuming or difficult to do.
Or, more simply put:
"Its Too Messy or Too Much Work (or both!) to seal grout after
cleaning!" It's simply a pain in my _ _ _ _! . . .
keep reading
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