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This website is dedicated to assisting 1-10 Employee Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service Businesses to be more productive and profitable while providing the highest level of customer service.

You will find the latest in information, services, and training as well as thoughts and opinions from Lee & Jim Pemberton about trends and topics of interest to the cleaning and restoration business community.


The Power of The Tools of Persuasion
by Lee Pemberton
The fact is, different people are persuaded by different things. I personally am more likely to be persuaded by logic and observable evidence, while others much prefer to get confirmation from someone who is certified to be an expert, commonly referred to as an authority. This is something very useful to consider when you're trying to persuade a prospect to see the value of your services. . . . keep reading
The Emotional Elements of Persuasion!
by Lee Pemberton
It's unfortunate, but we humans tend to have very little perspective when it comes to how we, or our businesses appear to others. We can quickly tell how another business looks, but can't see our own flaws.
Also download a Free, short but powerful, (9 page) report titled: "Getting Your ( Business) House In Order . . ." . . .
keep reading
4 Powerful Tools for Working On Your Business
Excerpt from Duct Tape Marketing Newsletter
As a business owner, it is really easy to be tempted to wear all the hats, to micromanage, to have that fear of letting go. However, it's not a very pleasant situation to be in!
Working ON your business instead of simply IN your business is a necessary focus that every business owner needs to fit into their monthly routine, (but few cleaning professionals do). . . .
keep reading
The #1 Way To Grow Your Business!
L Pemberton
PEOPLE NEED REFERRALS! Historically, the only problem has been linking people who need services or products with competent, trustworthy people who can provide them. A structured 'Word-Of-Mouth' campaign begins by understanding that there is a segment of the public that wants you and your services as badly as you want their business! . . . keep reading
Why You Must Use Images with Your Blog
by L Pemberton & Andy Johnston ( Social Media Guy)
FACT: "Ten percent of photos taken in human history took place in the last 12 months!"
Think about that. At first it sounds insane, but it's not hard to believe when you consider that 208,300 photos are posted to Facebook every minute (a statistic taken from a recent Content Marketing Institute webinar), plus almost everyone walks around with a camera in his or her pocket these days! . . .
keep reading
Special One-Day Internet Marketing Workshop
Jeff Cross
We create a special blog for you. (Every time you post,
you're creating powerhouse external links back to your
website.) We host it, you post it. At the seminar we show
you how to post articles, videos, graphics and more,
optimize them and link them back to your site.
We make it fast & easy. . . .
keep reading
Landed The BIG Account . . . but How?
Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
I talked to a cleaner this week about a nice job he just got for
a local government building. He was enthused that his knowledge
of a cleaning problem landed the sale, but during our conversation
we discovered that what really got him the job was deeper than that. . . .
keep reading
How To Define Your Ideal Referral Prospect
by Lee Pemberton
You need to clarify the type of customer you're looking for
before you can communicate this to your referral sources. If
they know exactly what kind of prospective customer you're
looking for, it's easier for them to refer these people to you.
. . .
keep reading
The Key To Successful Customer Referral Programs
by Lee Pemberton
Referral marketing is, without question, one of the most powerful
tactics of the 'Word Of Mouth' marketing system, but its degree
of success will also depend somewhat on the specific demographics
of your market. . . .
keep reading
Word of Mouth Marketing - Summary In a Nutshell!
by Lee Pemberton
W.O.M. Support Facts:
This research also showed that an offline 'Word Of Mouth' impression drives at least five times more sales than a paid advertising impression. Word of mouth's impact happens closer to the time of purchase than traditional media -- often within two weeks! . . .
keep reading
Word of Mouth Marketing Using E-mail Tactics!
by Lee Pemberton
Word of Mouth Marketing with E-mail Is Using "Social Proof"! -
E-Mail, the 21st Century backbone of credible, word of mouth
marketing tactics is not some secret underground persuasion
technique. It's a simple concept that all in our industry can use
to boost their sales. It works simply because customers are much
more likely to buy services that others they know & trust have
previously purchased, and have positive things to say regarding
the relationship!! . . .
keep reading
How Do I Fit All of this Stuff in My Truck?
by Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
In the not too distant past, a carpet cleaning van could be
equipped with an 'in-truck' cleaning unit, a hose storage reel,
and on-board water and shelving. Everything a cleaner needed
could be kept on these shelves, or in one or two small baskets or
containers in the remaining floor space. That was all that was
needed to clean carpet and upholstery in a home or business.
Fast Forward To Today: . . .
keep reading
Four Frequently Overlooked 'W.O.M.' Customer Communication Tactics
by Lee Pemberton
Don't just clean their carpets and run. Never forget, it is a lot easier and a whole lot more profitable to do more business with your existing customers than it is to find new ones.
Establishing a few simple but consistent ways to stay in touch with your customers will pay dividends all year long. . . .
keep reading
From Marketing Myth to Truth!
by Lee Pemberton
I'm sure we have all heard or even made this comment about local chamber of commerce memberships over the years, so I decided to start asking a few questions . . . .
The Usual Comment I Hear Is:
"We've belonged to the Chamber of Commerce for
over a year, and it's done nothing for us." . . .
keep reading
Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Upholstery Specialist
You are shown how to be professional and profitable. That means you find out what to do, when to do it, and how to integrate it into your day-to-day activities. . . . keep reading
When 'Word of Mouth' Is NOT Effective!
by Lee Pemberton
sad to say, carpet cleaning and janitorial services have, in far too many cases, deteriorated into 'commodity services' purchased by price alone! . . . keep reading
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