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This website is dedicated to assisting 1-10 Employee Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service Businesses to be more productive and profitable while providing the highest level of customer service.

You will find the latest in information, services, and training as well as thoughts and opinions from Lee & Jim Pemberton about trends and topics of interest to the cleaning and restoration business community.


The Concept of 'Word of Mouth' (or W.O.M.)
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
It is extremely important for local service businesses to understand the value of 'Word of Mouth' marketing in the local market place, as well as learning ways to use it more effectively. This report focuses on ways it could be included as an important part of your total ongoing marketing program. . . . keep reading
21st Century "Social Proof / W.O.M." Test
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
Before you &/or your staff take this test, I want you to realize that most of us have deep set beliefs that have little or no foundation in the way real people react. We believe what Mom & Grandma told us! Thats not a bad thing, but in business, we must be realistic! . . . keep reading
Carpets Ever Smell Worse After Cleaning?
Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Carpets Ever Smell Worse After Cleaning? Heat waves are guaranteed to start baking our customers nationwide soon, and the accompanying high humidity that occurs in most areas is also guaranteed to create the usual rash of "post cleaning sour carpet odor" problems. Along with these come an overwhelming level of additional problems (and opportunities) that regularly occur in local areas that are afflicted by flash flooding. BE PREPARED! . . .We can vouch for this solution . . . . . . keep reading
Profit With "S.A.F.E." Urine Odor Control Services! "Mini-Course at Pembertons"
Pembertons Learning Center
Be Seen as a Credible Expert in Pet Odor Problems!
from Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
Chances are, as a cleaning professional, there are at least a few such topics on which you are already an expert. And, with just a bit of additional recognized training, you could easily become a 'Credible Expert in Pet Odor Problems' in your marketplace! . . . keep reading
Two Unique Urine Damaged Upholstery Challenges!
Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Upholstery that has been exposed to minor pet "accidents" rarely give off odor, but as the warm and (in many regions) humid, weather begins, such odors become more apparent.
Most services who clean upholstery are primarily carpet cleaners, making it easy to assume that the products and techniques that we use to clean carpet should be the same.
Such Is Not The Case! . . .
keep reading
Removing 'LITTLE' Stains Can Make a 'BIG' Difference!
Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Such inspections should be offered free of charge to any customer who owns pets; in fact, you might be surprised how many don't notice minor stains (some attract soil and look like "dirty spots" and who are unaware of the odor. Rather than pointing out odor (which may embarrass your customer), your use of the UV light and moisture sensor will point out the stains "visually", which is not as embarrassing as telling your customer that you notice an odor in their home. . . . keep reading
If It Smells -- It Won't Sell!
from Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
Home Sales Are Finally Heating Up a Bit!
However, the buyers are super picky, and that's good news for you.
Never has the real estate market needed your services more than they do today, but you need to target them with a strong "Educational Marketing" approach to let them know that you are interested in helping them to solve their problems. . . .
keep reading
Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Upholstery Specialist
You are shown how to be professional and profitable. That means you find out what to do, when to do it, and how to integrate it into your day-to-day activities. . . . keep reading
Enzyme Deodorizers Not Working Like Expected?
Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Three Tips to Get Better Performance from Your Enzyme Deodorizer
NOTE: The springtime brings warmer and more humid weather to much of the US, and with it, amplified urine odors in homes that have dogs and cats in them. . . .
keep reading
Homeowners Do Not See Most Spots Or Smell Pet Odors!
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
Understanding why humans can't see dirty carpets, floors and furnishings, or smell bad dog odors, musty mildew odors and offensive tobacco odors in their homes, will make it easier for you to understand the value of utilizing educational marketing tactics consistently in your business development efforts. . . . keep reading
Why is Your Customer Afraid Of Odors? (and how can you help them?)
by Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
#1 - Today there is hand sanitizer in every office,
home, car, and purse.
#2 - Disinfectant wipes are available for shopping
carts and exercise equipment in health clubs.
#3 - Media is dominated by the latest disease scares.
. . .
keep reading

On AARP's Mail list? Business Getting Tougher?
from Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
Comments From Lee to my AARP's Mail List Friends . . .
Are you using technology effectively in your business and your life?
For a number of you "over 40's", these are difficult times. You have never experienced anything like this. So, here is a verysimple suggestion from me to you . . .
keep reading
CAUTION! Acid Grout Restorers Can Cause Costly Problems
Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Some grout cleaning problems can be solved with the use of an acidic grout restoration product (note it isn't called a "cleaner" in this context) that, when applied, seems to clean the grout "like new".
While such products can rapidly restore a like new appearance to grout, they can also bring harm to surfaces that are nearby the grout you are trying to restore.
To prevent needless and expensive damage claims, avoid these three mistakes: . . .
keep reading
Become More Productive By Doing Less!
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor
Instead of adding more and more to existing services & their related activities, I would like to encourage you to consider aiming for providing fewer services (& their related activities) more effectively and more profitably! . . . keep reading
Are Oxygen Bleaches Really Totally Safe?
Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
The ideal situation to be in is where you educate your customer to have white and dye sensitive natural fiber assets cleaned BEFORE abusive conditions make the use of a bleach additive desirable. Remind them that using a method that uses mild detergents and low moisture will preserve colors and texture and leave their furniture as close to "new condition" as is possible. . . . keep reading
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