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This website is dedicated to assisting 1-10 Employee Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service Businesses to be more productive and profitable while providing the highest level of customer service.

You will find the latest in information, services, and training as well as thoughts and opinions from Lee & Jim Pemberton about trends and topics of interest to the cleaning and restoration business community.


Ugly Yellow or Brown Stains Remaining After Cleaning?
JIm Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
Encouraging your customer to have their furniture cleaned on a regular basis, instead of waiting until oils have bonded and perhaps permanently stained their valued belongings, is always recommended.
However, performing a careful pre-inspection using a printed professional inspection form will really help your customer to appreciate your skills as well as build their trust in you.
Use the following guidelines to communicate the risk of cleaning heavily contaminated fabrics found on the reverse side of our downloadable Upholstery Condition Inspection Report. . . .
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Can You Keep Customers for a Lifetime?
by Jim Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
Cleaners are now so concerned that they don't leave soil attracting residues in carpet that most now run 'surfactant free' products, acid rinses, or sometimes softened water alone just to assure themselves and their customers that they've done their very best to keep the carpet staying clean longer after they leave.
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What Are Customers Saying About Your Services?
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
I have just compiled this "Information Jammed," Free 18 page report that gives you answers to some very important questions and challenges every residential carpet cleaning professional faces, including:
#1 - Who really are your best referral resources?
#2 - Exactly what is a 'Referral Advocate or Resource'?
#3 - What are the basic "must have" key parts of a
successful customer referral program?
#4 - How can I learn what problems to avoid in my own
referral marketing program?
#5 - Where can I find an "Effective, Affordable & Do-able"
referral program that really works?
. . .
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Brutal Truths About Adult Learning!
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
We, as adult learners, can take the opportunity to open our mind to new learning, or we can pat ourselves on the back for our personal intelligence and endlessly repeat our cycles of success and failure.The choice is ours. . . . keep reading
"Four Things Can Happen When You Try to Correct Browning, and Three of Them are Bad!"
by Jim Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
When a cleaner is faced with trying to correct browning on upholstery fabric, there are four things that can happen, and three of them are bad! . . . keep reading
Show Respect Without Even Opening Your Mouth!
by Lee Pemberton
Experts have determined that up to 60 percent of all human communication is non-verbal. Understanding this fact will help you learn how you can show respect to customers, prospects and others without ever opening your mouth. . . . keep reading
HI! from 'The Experience' - it's AMAZING!!
JIm Pemberton the Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
New, fast growing association answering cleaning and restoration industry needs.
"Here at The Experience (an amazing trade show in its own right) I witnessed cleaners and restorers standing in line to register their existing certifications from another certifying body to this new group so that they can begin to reap the benefits of this visionary organization." . . .
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Five Questions You Must Ask Before You Clean Upholstery
by Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Upholstery fabrics can be made of so many combinations
of fiber types, as well as constructions, styles,
textures, and patterns, that unlike carpet, you just
can't clean each piece of upholstery the same way. . . .
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What Matters Most? Price or Service?
by Lee Pemberton
What matters most to customers isn't
your pricing or your services, and it's
really not even how good your service is! . . .
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The Odor is Back! & The Spots Are Back!
by Jim Pemberton - Fabric Pro Specialist
Large volume spills of sugary soft drinks, oily materials, or high concentrations of sticky detergents, as well as oily solvent based spotters, can create residues that conventional extraction cleaning cannot remove. Pet urine penetrates deeply into carpet pile, through the carpet's backing material, and into the carpet cushion. This is the key reason pet odors return. The solution to all of these problems can be found in one new and revolutionary tool .... . . . keep reading
Major Upholstery Soiling Agent Revealed!
by Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Most discussions of pre-inspection and pre-qualification of upholstery cleaning jobs come down to a fine line:
. . . and the balance between the results the customer wants and the ability for the cleaner to get those results safely requires diplomacy skills worthy of an ambassador!
What the cleaner has to tactfully tell their customer is, in so many words this . . .
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The Power of The Tools of Persuasion
by Lee Pemberton
The fact is, different people are persuaded by different things. I personally am more likely to be persuaded by logic and observable evidence, while others much prefer to get confirmation from someone who is certified to be an expert, commonly referred to as an authority. This is something very useful to consider when you're trying to persuade a prospect to see the value of your services. . . . keep reading
The Emotional Elements of Persuasion!
by Lee Pemberton
It's unfortunate, but we humans tend to have very little perspective when it comes to how we, or our businesses appear to others. We can quickly tell how another business looks, but can't see our own flaws.
Also download a Free, short but powerful, (9 page) report titled: "Getting Your ( Business) House In Order . . ." . . .
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4 Powerful Tools for Working On Your Business
Excerpt from Duct Tape Marketing Newsletter
As a business owner, it is really easy to be tempted to wear all the hats, to micromanage, to have that fear of letting go. However, it's not a very pleasant situation to be in!
Working ON your business instead of simply IN your business is a necessary focus that every business owner needs to fit into their monthly routine, (but few cleaning professionals do). . . .
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Leaving Twice The Residue When Trying to Leave None?
by Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach'
Spray application of an acid rinse agent after extraction cleaning with an alkaline detergent has the potential of doubling residue remaining!
Problem: Some upholstery is so highly soiled,that many cleaners want to use an alkaline agent as their "rinse/extract" step.
Question: Will spraying the surface of the fabric with an acid rinse remove the residue?
Answer: NO! . . .
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The #1 Way To Grow Your Business!
L Pemberton
PEOPLE NEED REFERRALS! Historically, the only problem has been linking people who need services or products with competent, trustworthy people who can provide them. A structured 'Word-Of-Mouth' campaign begins by understanding that there is a segment of the public that wants you and your services as badly as you want their business! . . . keep reading
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