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This website is dedicated to assisting 1-10 Employee Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Fire & Water Damage Restoration Service Businesses to be more productive and profitable while providing the highest level of customer service.

You will find the latest in information, services, and training as well as thoughts and opinions from Lee & Jim Pemberton about trends and topics of interest to the cleaning and restoration business community.


You BLEACHED My Furniture!!!
Jim Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach' - February 06, 2016
Regardless of the cause of a discoloration that creates concern with your customer, your best course of action is to respond immediately to complaints about your work, and look at the problem without delay. . . . keep reading

"Expertise & Trust" is Key!
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor - February 06, 2016
"Expertise & Trust" is Key! The 'Great Recession' (from 2007 to June 2009) caused Americans to hit their financial reset buttons. A large majority have forever changed their behavior. Even those not overwhelmingly affected still think twice about taking on new expenses, as well as how they spend every day. . . . keep reading

What Happened to this Cushion?
Jim Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach' - January 30, 2016
A cleaner contacted me recently about a natural fiber fabric that had a brown ring on it, but defied any attempts to remove the stain. Based on his description, the problem seemed to be mild cellulose browning caused by a water spill that remained on the fabric too long. But here was what was puzzling: . . . keep reading

#4 - Credibility - How You Can Show it Clearly So No One Doubts That You are an Expert in Your Field!
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor - January 29, 2016
Step 1. - Determine The Credentials You Need to Succeed Before you can create credibility as an expert, you personally have to understand what it is - and what it isn't. You also have to understand that the definition changes according to the niche you are operating your business in! . . . keep reading

#3 - How To Deal With Bad Reviews & Criticism
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor - January 22, 2016
You won't make everyone happy but by responding as suggested in this article, you can take advantage of most of the complaints and negative feedback you encounter while showcasing your professionalism and authority by solving the problem. . . . keep reading

Applied Microbial Remediation Technician/Specialist Training (AMRT-IICRC)
Pembertons Cleaning & Restoration Learning Center - January 18, 2016
Knowledge of mold and sewage remediation principles and procedures is essential to individuals engaged in property restoration, as well as property management, IEQ investigations or other related professions. . . . keep reading

#2 - Why It's Very Important to Be . . . . Honest, "Real" & Humble
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor - January 15, 2016
Authenticity - Means being 100 percent yourself! You don't fake your personality or be someone that you are not! Don't be someone different when you're on the job than you are when you're home or in your personal life. This is very important for many reasons. . . . keep reading

How To Make Carpets And Rugs "Cleaner Than Clean"
Jim Pemberton-Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
There are two key things your customers think about in the cold months: The need to feel warmth underfoot and the concern about sickness in their homes, as well as public places. . . . keep reading

You Cleaned My Couch Yesterday. Now I Have A Rash!!
JimPemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach' - January 09, 2016
You Cleaned My Couch Yesterday. Now I Have A Rash!!
A cleaner I know got just that message earlier this week, and I'd like to share what happened, how it was resolved, and most importantly: How to make sure this NEVER happens to you! . . .
keep reading

#1 - Present Yourself in a Professional Way
L Pemberton- eCleanAdvisor - January 09, 2016
As a 'VSB' (Very Small Business) owner, building your authority status can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. This status not only stimulates purchases, it also attracts referrals as well as prospects while also allowing you to charge a fair price for your products and services. . . . keep reading

Holiday Greetings 2016
Pembertons Staff - December 19, 2015
In 2016's upcoming CleanTips I plan to share with you the key reasons why it's so important in this 'digital' era that you as the cleaning 'Authority' in your local community niche be seen as . . . an Honest, "Real" & Trustworthy Authority! . . . keep reading

Caution! Potential Freeze Damage Ahead!
by Jim Pemberton - the 'Cleaning Coach' - December 19, 2015
Caution! If you discover that your equipment (or accessories) have frozen, do not attempt to start the system! More damage is caused by creating pressure when ice is within the system than the freeze itself. . . . keep reading

Become an Authority In Your 'Niche' With This Formula!
Lee Pemberton - the watchful eCleanAdvisor - December 12, 2015
This is a simple, but powerful formula, that as I see it, can be a big help to you as you build your unique "Expertise" Authority in your local market 'Niche' . . . . . . . keep reading

Expertise is Your Key to Marketing Success!
Jim Pemberton-Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach' - December 12, 2015
Expertise is a critical element of marketing your professional cleaning or restoration skills, especially in this digital age. Customers, local and online are looking for solutions to their cleaning, restoration or maintenance problems, and they want it from trusted sources who clearly know what they're talking about. . . . keep reading

UPDATE: More News On Fabric Color Damage Issue Costing Cleaners Thousands!
by Jim Pemberton - Fine Fabric 'Cleaning Coach'
Cleaning down filled cushions by unzipping the cushion, putting the down filled ticking in a plastic bag, and then cleaning the fabric - IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! . . . keep reading

Win, Develop or Build Trust & Become a Local Authority!
by Lee Pemberton - eCleanAdvisor
Fortunately, it's fairly easy to build trust for a small, local service business. Here is some updated common-sense advice I can share on building trust that just about anyone can follow: . . . keep reading

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